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How to Deal With Last Minute Income Tax Prep

It is estimated that around 20 percent of Americans wait until April to file their returns. This can be a recipe for costly mistakes because taxes are complex under normal circumstances and things only get tougher when you add a time crunch to the mix. However, with April 18 just around the corner, there are […]

Last Minute Income Tax Tips

The clock is ticking down and even with three extra days, the deadline to file your taxes, April 18, is fast approaching. However, you do not have to fret. You can still meet the deadline confidently and accurately, especially if you work with us here at Tax Matters. We can help you file your taxes […]

Why Should I Visit an Expert for My Income Tax Prep?

Often times taxpayers think preparing their own income tax return will save them money. What they may not consider is all the time it will take to e-file on their own. Here at Tax Matters, our experts believe we can get you a bigger refund and save you time doing it. We have a few […]

How Can a Tax Professional Help Me With Income Tax Debt?

When the IRS finds out that you didn’t file your income tax refund they will fine you with a failure-to-pay fee. It will also have interest starting at the missed deadline. The IRS will also send you regular letters concerning the debt. The good news is the problem is manageable. If you aren’t aware, the […]