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Why Should I Have My Individual Taxes Done Professionally?

Every year taxpayers have to decide whether they will have their individual taxes done professionally or not. In 2016 alone, over 130 million returns were filed electronically. Of those, nearly 80 million were completed by tax professionals. There are as many reasons that people choose to file their own taxes as there are for choosing […]

A Tax Expert Can Help You File Your Individual Taxes The Proper Way

There’s one time of the year in particular that everyone seems to dread and that, my friends, is tax season. Filing your individual taxes is something that many people find stressful, especially if there is a chance they might owe. Taxes can be confusing and complicated, which is why you should consider hiring a tax […]

Do You Need to File Estate Taxes With Your Individual Taxes?

When filing your individual taxes, you normally won’t have to mess with estate or gift taxes. On average, your taxes primarily deal with your income. But if you became an heir to a large fortune, or plan to leave one, you’ll need to file these taxes with your individual taxes. Under Tax Matters’ individual tax […]